Wine and food pairing evening: Discover English wines

After a year of circling the globe, tasting wines from famous regions around the world, for August’s wine and food pairing evening we’re staying right here in the UK.

On Wednesday, August 7th, join us to taste a selection of English wines, hand-picked by our wine expert Frederik, all matched with delicious plates of food created by our head chef.

Many years ago, English wine had a bad reputation as poor quality, but more recently there has been an explosion in new wines and vineyards in the south of England, many with the quality to rival traditional new and old world wine regions.

In fact, several English sparkling wines have been likened to Champagne in their style, taste and quality due to our mild climate, that is similar to the famous French region. We can’t reveal the wines ahead of time, but we can say that at least a couple of the wines will be from local vineyards. This will be a real celebration of English food and drink!

As ever, Fred will be full of interesting knowledge on the wine selection and we’ll be showing how each wine can be paired with food to compliment the drink. Each wine will be served with a small plate of food cooked by our head chef.

Our wine and food pairing evenings are monthly events, and they are always relaxed, fun and informal. The evening starts at 7pm and costs £32.50pp. To book call 01452 740547