Special Events, The Severn Bore and Bore Breakfasts

The Old Passage is sited at the perfect spot from which to see one of the world's most amazing natural event; the Severn Bore....and you don't have to be a surfer to appreciate the spectacle. 
Here at certain combinations of the tides, the rising water is funneled up the estuary into a wave of up to 2 metres. Travelling rapidly upstream against the river current the Bore travels a distance of approximately 25 miles between Awre and Gloucester.
The largest Bores occur in spring, but smaller bores can be seen throughout the year.
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Bore Breakfasts on the banks of the Severn... a simply wonderful way to start to your day after seeing this spectacular natural phenomena. Our special breakfasts are offered to coincide with the best of the year's Bores as they thunder past the The Old Passage.  

Bore dates for Autumn 2018

Wednesday, 12th September 09.36hrs   ***

Wednesday,  10th October 08.33hrs   ***


Breakfast will follow the bore & is 30.00 pp.

Bore Breakfast Menu

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